Music Production Workshop

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Ages 15+
Delve into music production techniques with our world-renowned Music Production and Engineering Department faculty and facilities. Customize your entire experience by selecting your classes, which include topics such as modern record production, multitrack recording and mixing techniques, and DJ production skills. The weekend culminates in a keynote address and presentation featuring a noted industry professional.
June 21-June 23
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$50 (nonrefundable)

How to Enroll

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*Please note: This program has limited capacity. Submission of registration materials alone does not guarantee participation in the program. You will secure your spot by paying in full. When the program capacity has been reached, registrants who have not paid in full will be placed on a waitlist.


Throughout the workshop, several concurrent breakout sessions are offered in each time slot. You can self-select which session to attend in any given time slot over the course of the weekend, as space allows. Offerings range from introductory to intermediate levels of skill and preparation. Participants have limited hands-on opportunities, and most seminars are demonstration-based.

The following list of classes gives you a sense of what to expect:

  • Critical Listening: Explore techniques used to analyze popular recordings from a variety of perspectives, both technical and musical.
  • Business of Music Production: Discuss licensing, publishing, royalties, contracts, and distribution.
  • Demystifying Mastering: Even for those who have heard of it, mastering is a discipline shrouded in mystery. Every song on the Billboard Top 100 has been mastered, and every record made by a major artist gets mastered. So, what is it?
  • Making and Selling Your Own Recordings: Learn how mastering can enhance your final product, how to prepare for manufacturing, how to design your package, and about the most successful marketing methods for independently released albums.
  • Multitrack Mixing Techniques: Explore the aesthetic choices related to the balance, dynamics, arrangement, preparation, and realization of a successful mix.
  • Multitrack Recording Techniques: Participate in an accelerated workshop covering many aspects of recording, including microphone selection and placement, equalization, and dynamic signal processing.
  • Project/Home Studio Design and Setup: Learn about basic equipment requirements, budget considerations, affordable acoustic modifications, and the formation of appropriate expectations.
  • Turntable Techniques: Learn about the historical development of the turntable, from its origins in Jamaican music to its prominence in hip-hop and contemporary music. Develop basic skills using the turntable for performance/live expression and as a production tool.
  • Vocal Production: It’s all about the vocals; ask any established producer. This session will focus on how to help your vocalist give you the best, truest vocal performance, and how to enhance that performance by “comping” (combining parts of different vocal takes), context-based level-riding, and phrasing adjustment to augment emotion.
  • Keynote Presentation: The weekend culminates in a presentation by a noted industry professional.
  • Evening Sessions: Enjoy open recording and mix sessions, demonstrations, and lab time.

Below is a sample of a typical day in the program. 

8 AM–9 AMBreakfast
9:15 AM–11 AMBreakout Sessions
11:15 AM–1 PMBreakout Sessions
1 PM–2:15 PMLunch
2:15 PM–4 PMBreakout Sessions
4:15 PM–6 PMBreakout Sessions
6 PM–7 PMDinner
7 PM–10:15 PMExtended Evening Breakout Sessions or Open Time in the DJ Lab or Virtual Reality Space

Schedule subject to change.


All students 15 and older with some background in production are welcome to attend.

Participants must possess a proficient level of English to enroll in this program. We do not require proof of English language proficiency (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo) as part of the enrollment or application process; however, you are expected to have a sufficient command of the English language to understand class material and assignments.

Once You've Enrolled

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What to Pack 

  • With the exception of pianists and drummers, students are expected to bring their instruments to all summer programs. Review our list of instruments and gear to bring to your program in this knowledge base article.
  • If you are staying on campus, you can reference this packing list with any additional items you’ll need while attending your program.