Residence Hall Contract: 2024 Berklee Summer Programs

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Please read through all of the information, and then scroll down for the housing application. This agreement is made for a space and meals in the Berklee residence halls for the following programs:

Important Notice

The undersigned* has read and accepts the terms and conditions of the agreement at the end of this page.

This application must be filled out by a parent or guardian if the undersigned is under the age of 18. The undersigned and parent or guardian must agree to all the terms and conditions.

By submitting this application, you or your student (if they are under 18) will be held to the terms of this agreement.

This application is due by no later than June 1, though completing the housing process earlier is strongly encouraged. If the undersigned* is enrolled in multiple programs, please note that a separate residence hall contract (along with the accompanying housing fee payment) needs to be completed for each program.

Student Information

This is your Berklee ID number, which is written in the 'Next Steps" tab after logging into your account at More information on how to find this is hereDo not proceed if you don't have this information yet. Housing cannot be added to your account without an accurate Berklee ID number.
Enter your birth year as mm/dd/yyyy (example: 04/01/2004).
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